Deidra Cottenoir


Deidra is a physical therapist who has specialized in Pediatrics since 2008. Born and raised in Wyoming, Deidra returned to work in the state after earning her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in 2007 in Florida. Deidra chose to specialize in Pediatric Physical Therapy because she has always been passionate about helping children and their families. She loves that she works in a medical specialty that allows her to spend ample amounts of time with her patients, develop deep and meaningful relationships with patients and their families, and to focus on interventions that maximize functional abilities and improve overall quality of life for her patients. Deidra specializes in treating a variety of pediatric conditions, gait training, orthotic management, functional strengthening, postural control, motor development, and many other pediatric treatments. She continues to attend several continuing education courses each year in order to stay up to date on the evidenced based research and the latest trends in Pediatric Physical Therapy. Deidra is proud to develop her PT treatments based on a patient’s individual goals and she loves watching her patients make significant amounts of functional progress over the months and years that she works with them.