Erik Hiipakka


Erik’s first exposure to Physical Therapy began in high school while receiving treatment for knee injuries sustained during football. Erik decided that he would like to provide others in the community with this type of care. Erik dedicated the next seven years, following high school, to earning his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Touro University. Erik was determined to return to a smaller community, much like Casper, WY in order to be an active participant in the healthcare community. Erik is focused on orthopedic physical therapy, he offers the most current evidence based interventions and treatments. Erik maintains a high level of competency through personal research and continuing education courses. Erik has experience in various manual labor positions and has a passion for different hobbies including: hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and recreational sports; this helps him relate to his patients and provide them with the most personalized care possible. Erik has a comprehensive understanding from his patient’s vantage point, because he has also been on the receiving end of Physical Therapy treatments. Erik is compassionately dedicated and recognizes that his patient’s expectation is to improve functional abilities and decrease pain as soon as possible, and he strives to achieve this from day one. Following your initial evaluation through your entire care episode Erik strives to continue building upon these improvements and provide education on how to prevent future pain or injury at the affected area.