Lauren Hiipakka


Lauren was born and raised in Casper with a mother who was an occupational therapist, and therefore was exposed to the wonderful world of OT her entire life. As soon as she was able to observe a therapy session for her two younger cousins with developmental delays, she knew she wanted to do this as a career. After finishing her undergraduate education at Casper College and the University of Northern Colorado, Lauren received her Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from Touro University Nevada in 2015. She then returned to Casper and had been working with people of all ages for four years at an outpatient clinic in our community. She particularly enjoys working with her pediatric patients at Optimal. Lauren is very dedicated to her profession and works hard to provide evidence-based treatment for each and every person through continuing education. She treats each person as a whole and works hard to determine underlying factors that may be affecting outcomes.